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                      Perfect Ceramics Technology Service
                        Whole production line project
                        Ceramics technology service
                      Ceramic Technology and Chemical Raw Material
                        Metal Effect Glaze
                        Body pigment series
                        Glaze pigment series
                        Soluble salts
                        Roller printing oil
                        Polar Lights Nanometer Super Wax
                      Whole production line project equipment
                        Equipment of raw material
                        Automatic iron remover machine
                        Coal hot air stove
                        Feeding system
                        Glazing equipment
                        Drying and burning machine
                        NEW MOULD
                        CERAMIC ROLLER
                        further processing
                        Kiln Enterprise Department  
                        Kiln Enterprise Department
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                      Foshan AOSIBO CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a subsidiary company of Enterprise. It is a integrative company, which works professionally in the ceramic industry, research and development of ceramic device, applications of ceramic process engineering and production management of ceramic plant. We own groups of senior mechanical, electrical and process engineers, and good manufacturing capacity, and also long term cooperative partnerships on new product researching with hundreds of domestic and foreign well known ceramic corporation.

                      The advantages of AOSIBO company are: we can unite the mechanism system, automatic control system and ceramic process engineering perfectly. And present new technologys and projects to help customers solve the practical problem in appropriate, scientific and effective ways.

                      AOSIBO CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY Company LTD runs on base of the conception " Give you generous benefits ".It is in pursuit of the spirit of offering perfect technical service and chemical raw material in top quality to clients.

                      "Cooperation, Innovation, Mutual gains" is our untiring endeavor. AOSIBO Company expects sincerely to offer you the comprehensive perfect .

                      Address:No.28 Haikou Road,Zhangcha Street,Chancheng District,Foshan,Guangdong,China Zip:528000
                      Tel:0086-757-83816088 83823671  Fax:0086-757-83826524  E-mail:sales@foshanaosibo.com
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